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Sostanze Records

The project Sostanze Records was born from the idea of some members of the association of social promotion Sostanze.

Its main purpose is the production and distribution, thanks to Creative Commons licenses, of self-produced Audio Video material through its own portal.
Our goal is to collaborate with those who have the facilities and the desire to build a solid foundation for long-term project with the intention of creating a healthy and productive community of people who believe in copyleft and in independent production, by the mean of meetings dedicated to the use and the research of publishable material.

Our philosophy assume that any form of art, both audio or video, must be preserved from any form of money and power blackmail or abuse.

Contacts: Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook | Mail

Demo are always welcome!


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Sostanze Records
Photo and Artwork: Luca MascioliArtist: IlKobra, Flux, Nezoomie, Innyu, BebopTitle: Dont believe the hypeGenre: electro, fidget, breakbeatRelease on: 25/06/2010 Are you ready for the holidays? don't forget to put on your ipod this compilation, it will be the perfect soundtrack for your best summer experiences. The electro music (and others) contained in this LP is a time bomb, then, be carefull! Handle carefully and store in a dry place. To fully understand this music buy a switcher and dowload...
Topic: soslp008, sostanze records, electro, fidget, break,breakbeat
Topics: electro, compilation, free download, hype, sostanze records, the additive, flux, Red|-_-|box,...
Sostanze Records
Artist: Raw Zombiez Artwork: Nazzilla Title: WEARE Mastering : Valerio Maina Genre: Electro Release on: 12 / 10 / 2012 Description (curated by Marco Stilo) It's rather natural ask ourselves if Zombiew come from another planet or they've decided voluntary to come up as soon as they're ready to attack. The brand new product by the net-label Sostanze Records is much innovative, even though the duo is just at its debut. While electro seemed to be over, Zombiez have been able to enrich it with hints...
Topics: electro, fidget, zombie, sostanzerecords, netaudio, netlabel
Sostanze Records
by Brokenspud
Photo and Artwork: BrokenSpud Artist: BrokenSpudTitle: Infectious AgentGenre: Drum and BassRelease on: 11/06/2010Warning! Infectious agents are in freedom, faint of heart people shouldnot listen! The best description for this album is a dream journey, listen to it loudly and in small doses, it will give you an hand in discovering your moods while get altered by dreams. The tracks chase with each other at the rate of 175 bpm, revealing the way for drum 'n bass, neurofunk and techstep sounds. We...
Topic: Sostanze Records, Drum and bass, dnb, d'n'b, neurofunk, techstep, soslp
Sostanze Records
by IlKobra
All'epeca is a collection of tracks composed and mixed between 2006 and 2007 by IlKobra and mastered by NeZoomie. The tracks were born from the impact of the rave music in the roman undergound's scene, where repetitive rhythms require raw and violent sounds. The classic Nirvana crash breaks the darkest silence, melodies are simple and the bass deep, harmonies contrastated by romantic strings. Photo and Artwork : Gofy Artist : IlKobra Mastering : NeZoomie Genre : Drum and BassRelease on:...
Artist: Il Leprotto Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: La Belle Epoque Genre: Electro / Breakbeat / Drum and Bass Release on: 01 / 08 / 2012 Time for summer hits and so time for the punishment by Il Leprotto. His debut with the netlabel Sostanze Records is one of those that leaves the mark. The original mix comes along with several remixes by the best producers of the netlabel which offer different intepretations and styles of the track, from dubstep to drum 'n' bass. The experience lived in clubs...
Topics: electro, dnb, freedownload, sostanze records, il leprotto, remix
Sostanze Records
by The Additive
CD Artwork: Simon Quasar Artist: The Additive Title: The AdditiveGenre: Techno+Release on: 14/05/2010 Take a break and relax - just the time for the washing machine to finish - remove your usual musical prejudices and prepare to the first (but very large) brainwashing of The Additive. His electronic sounds crystallize in streets which haven't the usual name of Techno, House or Trance, and - finally - we hear someone who knows how to go beyond the genres. 7 elegant pieces that will wrap your...
( 1 reviews )
Topic: Sostanze Records, Electro, Techno,sos,soslp005
Sostanze Records
Artist: InnyuTitle: Anatomy EPGenre: Electro, HouseRelease on: 17/09/2010Tracklist: 1. Anatomy 2. Stranger Searching 3. When It Burns 4. That New House Shit The fifth release from Innyu and the twelfth release from Sostanze Records the Anatomy EP takes flight as his second release on the label and we invite you all to download the entire album free to enjoy. The tracks included are the top three singles released by Innyu since the "In Motion" album release along with the instrumental...
Topic: Electro, Elettro, House, Sostanze Records, SOSEP, Innyu,
Artist: VV.AA: Flux, Bebop Banger Bumper, MSL Project, Alexis Storm, Digital Brain Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Alterazioni (SosRec for Brusio) Genre: Electro, Techno Release on: 29/07/2011 Attention please: If you are listening to the new release by Sostanze Records assured to be alone with your loudspeakers and that not even a '' Brusìo '' can interrupt the magic of the moment. Because we are really speaking about 5 bomb tracks that will also play again this winter besides heating the...
Topics: Techno, Minimal, Electro
Sostanze Records
Artist: Flux Artwork: Ferdinando Tremamunno Title: The Reaper Genre: Electro Mastered by: Stefano Danese Release on: 15/07/2011 Finally The Reaper, the new release by Flux, hits your speakers! His work is made up of an original mix (which will be hard to remove from your playlist) and excellent remixes of the same track by DJs Bebop, Buskerdroid, Digital Brain and Frashka. Our Flux is one of the artists who knows how to give a more appropriate and balanced continuum to the Electro strand of the...
Topics: Electro, Fidget
Artist: Bebop Banger Bumper Title: Fool Flow Artwork: Ferdinando Tremamunno Mastered by: NeZoomie Genre: Electro Figdet Release on: 29/04/2011 Fool Flow is style. The word contains the substance of this Release, where the Bebop's original track is accompanied by the powerful work done by the best djs of Sostanze Records and indipendent outsiders as a special guests. Let's talk about remixes of Ryko the Drummaker, The Pornorokerz, The Snipplers, The Snooze, IlKobra, Buskerdroid, Flux, NeZoomie...
Topics: Electro, Electro Fidget, Sostanze Records
Sostanze Records
Photo and Artwork: Luca Mascioli Artist:IlKobra Title: Ritmi Illegali Genre: Drum and Bass Release on: 06/08/2010 Ritmi Illegali is a collection of tracks composed and mixed between 2007 and 2008 by IlKobra and mastered by NeZoomie. The main features of this LP are a high amount of BPM and the concentration of non-conventional low-frequencies. The tempo is marked by various and contaminated rhythms that make IlKobra's style unmistakable. Track list: 1. Kobra Style 2. Paradiso artificiale 3. Il...
Topic: Sostanze Records, Drum and bass, dnb, d'n'b, neurofunk, techstep, soslp
Sostanze Records
Artist: IlKobraPhoto and Artwork: Luca MascioliTitle: Cogito Ergo BeatGenre: breaks, dubstep, electroRelease on: 12/11/2010Mastering: NeZoomieDescription: Electro, explored and reorganized in its deepest essence, fills this LP with its sounds that evolve track by track, converging exponentially towards dubstep. Just contemplating the work as a whole will give you understanding of the power of IlKobra's occult compositional techniques. --- Tracks: 1. Preludio 2. Atto I: Caos ordinato 3. Atto II:...
Sostanze Records
Artist: Sincope Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Close Moving EP Genre: Ambient Release on: 27/01/2012 Sometimes time stops off. Then it starts up again and you wish it run faster, but at the same time you would like to block it. Emotions chase it, as they are synthesized in the debut by Sincope with our netlabel. The atmosphere of the brand new release by the Florence-based duo moves the ambient horizons. Everytime you'll listen to "Close Moving" you'll leave for an introspective trip...
Topics: ambient, free download, sostanze records, netlabel
Sostanze Records
Sostanze Records is proud to present the third release created thanks to collaborations of various artist coming from different parts of italy and its different musical scenes, where each artist could express his own musical taste. A momentary Collapse of Reason it's composed by electronic sonority alternated to syncopated break rythms, with particular glitch influences.Photo and Artwork : Luca Mascioli Artists :Various Artists Genre : Electro / IDM / Breaks / Glitch Release on: 16/04/2010...
Topic: Sostanze Records, Electro, Glitch, Breaks,sosep003
Sostanze Records
by Kamera237
The second release by Sostanze Records, present the project: Kamera237 January 2010 Kamera237 project celebrates the 20th anniversary of an HC PUNK singer activity, revisiting his stomach-punching lyrics and music that built up his personality throughout his lifetime. Dj Sniper will take care of the sound production by recreating those minimalistic schizoid atmospheres, irritating sounds and syncopated breakbeats.
Topic: sostanze records, sostanze, kamera237, relase
Artist: Digital Brain Vs NeZoomieTitle: One Button PanicGenre: Breaks, Electro,Glitch, Trip hopRelease on: 01/10/2010 After one year spent experiencing live situations within parties, Digital Brain and NeZoomie decided to release a collection of the best from their performances: 7 tracks, born as little blocks ready to be assembled, chopped, filtered and smashed on the fly, now rearranged as finished and polished tunes. Fading from trip hop to glitch, from trance to drum'n'bass, ending with the...
Topic: Breaks, Electro, Glitch, Trip hop
Sostanze Records
Photo and Artwork: Fernando TremamunnoArtist: BebopTitle: Raver BoomGenre: Electro Fidget Nu RaveRelease on: 09/07/2010 For his first LP with Sostanze Records, Bebop aka Bebop the Dog aka Bebop Twinkmafia starts with a bang, and is not just a saying!Raver Boom is the title of an album chock full of Nu Rave, Electro and Fidget sounds! Rest assured that for the next season these tracks will haunt you wherever you'll go dancing. By now the lines between different genres are outmoded and obsolete....
Artist: Need a Name Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Now I Found Myself ( part 2 ) Genre: ambient, breaks, glitch Release on: 03/12/2010 Mastering: NeZoomie If you have downloaded the first part of Now I Found Myself as a good connoisseur, do not hesitate to complete the work. The second part will bewitch you with absolutely unique and original sounds. There will not be more ghosts on your way, but just a click to hear the remaining tracks, sitting on your armchairs! Need a Name HAS got something...
Topic: ambient, glitch, breaks
Sostanze Records
Artist: FluxArtwork: Luca MascioliTitle: SmarshmallowGenre: Electro, Electro HouseRelease on: 29/10/2010 Description: In physics, the flow is the amount of greatness through a given area. The Flux of Sostanze Records needs instead of a powerful Sound that stun your eardrums! Notice to Mariners there are 4 Tide ready to flood your dry nights. --- Tracklist: 1. ElectroRama 2. Smash It Up 3. Duffy Truck 4. Biting Be Mou --- Links:Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook
( 2 reviews )
Topic: electro house, electro, sosep, sostanze records, flux
Artist: Dario Cantarella Title: Hysteria Genre: Minimal Techno Release on: 04/02/2011 A quasi un anno di attività Sostanze Records propone per la sua ventriesima release un artista nato a Catania, ma che trasferendosi a Rimini si è immerso nella realtà minimal techno della città. Dario Cantarella propone Hysteria, che con le sue 4 tracce vi porterà a ballare nelle migliori discoteche d'Europa. L'house della prima traccia si trasformerà in un canto magico leggendario. After almost one year...
Topic: Minimal, Techno
Artists: The Additive, MSL ProjectArtwork: Simon QuasarTitle: Beat Fighters vol. 1Genre: IDM Techno FunkyhouseRelease on: 15/10/2010 This is the very first battle in Sostanze Records' lair: MSL Project challenges The Additive. For the 1st match, both of them selected a track from the opponent's discography, remixed and rearranged it to their very own style. Result is that "Dawn" has gained new expressions which are really far from canonical set and The Additive boosted his "July...
Topic: FunkyHouse, House, Techno, IDM, sosep, sostanze records
Artist: Alexis StormRemixers: BXP, CVO, PhookaArtwork: Luca MascioliMastering: Mauro Di Giovanni (Monkey Studio)Title: Petite Cinema Fraçais Genre:  Techno / MinimalReleased on: Description (Curated by Marco Stilo)[EN]The nature of an artist is hidden in its work. And as its usual, that is to say jumping between the artistic and production field, Sostanze Records wants to offer once again something fresh and different from the rest of the scene. Alexis feels the necessity to grow up,...
Topics: minimal, techno, alexis, storm, phooka, bxp, cvo, conrad von orton, freedownload, ccmusic, freemusic
Artist: Need a NameArtwork: Luca MascioliTitle: Now I Found Myself ( part.1 )Genre: ambient, breaks, glitchRelease on: 26/11/2010Mastering: NeZoomie This is the first step of an LP that, believe me, will change your own life! It is enough to know that just yesterday I've met Erik Statie's ghost, he was still playing all the 35 beats of the longest song of all time. He suggested me to listen the music by a certain Need a Name, in his opinion the heir-at-law of his ambient music...
Topic: ambient, breaks, glitch
Sostanze Records
Artist: Alexis Storm Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: The Storm Genre: Minimal Techno Release on: 24/02/2012 To be berliner. The brand new release by Alexis Storm, "From A to Z", could not offer us better vibes. Each tracks traces moods and suggestions. The single that gives the title to the record goes from an initial tension, through an engaging minimal sound, reaching scathing moments. The work results complex and dense given the 8 tracks present. This is the reason why we can state...
Topics: minimal, techno, free download, sostanze records, alexis storm
Artist: Digi G'Alessio Artwork: Kae Title: Cirque de Poche Genre: Bass Music; Wonky; Juke; Release on: 22/11/2012 (Description curated by Marco Stilo) Genius and intemperance. The attitude of whom is without rules. Losing yourself among Digi G'Alessio's beats is just an illusion. Because, when you've finished to listening to him, you realize where the music is aheading. A music therapy. The Tuscany-based artist flies away through the brand new release by the indie net-label Sostanze Records. We...
Topics: digi, clown, clownism, dance, beat, bass
Artist: Alexis Storm Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Accaduesseoquattro Genre: Minimal, Techno Release on: 18/02/2011 Pioneer of hot sound, yet spring, Alexis Storm surprises for the thickness of his sound, daring in harmonizing every single beat with the rest of the track. Sostanze Records is proud to present its new release consisting of seven new tracks, among which are the pleasant surprises of Digital Brain and NeZoomie's remixes. A crescendo of beats that gives the feeling of a journey...
Topic: Minimal, Techno, Minimal Techno
Sostanze Records
Questo brano è sotto Licenza Creative Commons Sostanze Records
Topic: Rigga sostanze records sostanzerecords italy rome techno
Artist: Red|-_-|box Artwork: Tommaso Perusini Title: Think out of the box Genre: Dubstep / Drum and Bass Mastered by: Skie Studio Release on: 17 / 09 / 2011 Special Thanks to : Luigi Marchitelli Sale&Pepe The brand new release provided by Sostanze Records is a masterpiece going beyond the threshold of sound perceptions. In the Red|-_-|box's work you can find all you need. Beats, memories, projects, nostalgia, desire to daze and start again. The tracks present in "Think Out of the...
Topics: Dubstep, Drum and Bass, dnb, Neurofunk, Sostanze Records, Free download
Sostanze Records
Questo brano e' sotto Licenza Creative Commons Sostanze Records
Topic: Athio drum and bass dnb rome italy sostanze records sostanzerecords
Sostanze Records
by M.S.L. Project
Photo and Artwork: M.S.L. Project and Piergiorgio FlaminiArtist: M.S.L. Project Title: Lucky YouthGenre: Alternative TechnoRelease on: 28/05/2010Special Thanks to: Fabrizio Produkkt and Nezoomie for the mastering The best way to describe this album is to start saying what it is not. It’s not Techno, it’s not Electronic, it’s neither a Stratocaster nor a Stradivari, it’s not a pasta with, but not even a pasta without sauce, with certainty it’s neither God nor Buddha nor Hitler and for...
Topic: Sostanze Records, Techno, Alternative Techno, soslp,
Sostanze Records
Questo brano e' sotto Licenza Creative Commons Sostanze Records
Topic: flux drum and bass sostanze records sostanze rome italy
Sostanze Records
Artists: Aliencrime, Jesterphunk Title: Live [at] Home (white version EP) Genre: TechnoPunk Release on: 23/07/2010 Aliencrime & Jesterphunk is a project born in 2007 (after solo experiences of members within 00nowhere) with the intent to combine all previous background music: techno, punk, psychedelic rock, acid. Powerful kick drum, often broken rhythms, hypnotic bass-line (almost prog / trance) and electric guitars. The definition closer you get is: TechnoPunk as music and as an attitude....
Topic: Techno, Tekno, Technopunk, Sostanze Records, sosep
Artist: KAMERA237 Title: La Rondine è morta Genre: Tekno, Hardcore, Breakcore,postpunk; Release on: 21/01/2011 The second release of kamera 237 can only be hardcore stuff, with its lyrics and music expressing this life's philosophy at its best. Sostanze Records is proud to present these five new tracks, approaching our release number 22 with the same spirit of the number 2: giving space to talent, embracing every kind of musical genre and artist who knock on our door. We recommend high volume...
Topic: Tekno, Hardcore, Breakcore,postpunk
Questo brano e' sotto Licenza Creative Commons Sostanze Records
Topic: ilkobra kobra dnb drum and bass sostazerecords sostanze rome italy classica violini elettronica
Sostanze Records
Questo brano e' sotto Licenza Creative Commons Sostanze Records
Topic: red-_-box drum and bass dnb italy rome sostanzerecords sostanze
Sostanze Records
Artist: Natlek Artwork: Natlek / Luca Mascioli Title: Ki Genre: Electro Release on: 26 /01/2012 Description: (Curated by Marco Stilo) Rifts. Sound distortions create empty places. Stop. We wake up again. Natlek and his brand new work released by the indie net-label Sostanze Records chases us, leaving the time to reflect about a production characterized by spaces precisely outlined. Suddenly we find ourselves dancing, trying to get what we wanna listen to. And we already know it. The original...
Topics: electro, natlek, digi g'alessio, massacre
Artist: Buskerdroid Vs Microman Artwork: Nazilla Title: RAW! RAW! RAW! EP Mastering : Valerio Maina Genre: Chiptune Release on: 08/06/2012 The new record released by Sostanze Records overturns the 8 bit duo Buskerdroid and Microman. The power of the tracks is a show made up of sound images, characterized by a dogging and unexpected rhythm. After a long work looking for a precise technique and a style that excited the Rome eletronic music scene, the duo has reached the leadership for its...
Topics: Chiptune, Gameboy, 8bit, Buskerdroid, Microman, Lsdj
Artwork: Santa ClausArtist: Various ArtistsTitle: Who Killed Santa Claus?Genre: Electronic Release on: 24/12/2010 Noisybeat was born two years ago and for its birthday they are happy to celebrate it together with their Sostanze Records mates. Here below we are glad to offer you 5 electro-tech and tech-house tracks from the 5 more prominent artists, which have supported the label during these last months. Together with 5 track from Sostanze Records label, this gives the start to a collaboration...
Topic: Electronic
Artist: Flavien Dutal 'n Momomo Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Mini(ent)al Genre: Minimal Techno Release on: 04/03/2011 Password: to experiment. French artists Flavien Dutal and Momomo show us particular sounds, which catch your mind and heart immediately. Minimal music accompanied by electro and progressive without ever missing the fluidity that makes it pleasant listening to each track. Flavien 'n Momomo already seem to have the experience to overcome the limits of minimal and merge it with...
Artist: The Additive Title: The Shadows Say Goodbye Artwork: Simon Quasar Genre: techno; idm; experimental; Release on: 17/06/2011 The second musical work of The Additive doesn't follow a definite line. With no presumption, it's placed above any kind of definition and classification of genre. The obsessive research for the groove is abolished by encouraging a continuous and indefinite soundflow. The whole album is based on the research on one side of concrete sounds which, through the sampling...
Topics: The Additive, techno, idm, experimental
Artist: BXP / Amousement Title: Refactoring Genre: IDM (Description curated by Marco Stilo) Warm winter lights. To listen to the brand new release by Bxp vs. Amousement Refactoring is an important exercise. You have the chance to taste again dub tunes by someone who mixes and melts it to his liking with the current eletronic influences. Stop yourself. There’s not so much to think about, it’s time to pack one’s bags and leave. Across the trip during which the two artists decide to meet up...
Topics: refactoring, bxp, amousemente, idm, free download, ccmusic, creative commons
Artist: Stereograms Title: Fritto Misto EP Genre: Techno, Minimal Release on: 08/04/2013 Bass drum. You've just finished the usual day studying or getting stressed by your fucking job when the duo Stereograms gives you as gift the med you were looking for. The best possible. The brand new release by the indie netlabel Sostanze Records allows the listener to chill, making him used to its warm sound and then bringing him to the dancefloor. The work is very technical in all the details. Mixing...
Topics: juke, footwork, techno, minimal, minimal techno
Artist: IlKobra Title: Sturm Und Drang Artwork: Luca Mascioli Genre: Drum and Bass Release on: 15/04/2011 Master's orchestra strings are playing... This is an abstruse release, hard to understand at the first time you are hearing it. Strings and drums harmony and the completeness of sound merge into a masterpiece of drum 'n' bass. IlKobra exites his audience innovating the genre and creating original motifs. The fourth track, “Quantum Orchestra”, marks the whole release. It's a path between...
Topics: Drum and Bass, Netlabel, IlKobra, Free Release
Artist: brokenspud Title: Raw Materials Artwork: Manuel Sabatino Genre: Electro; Drum and Bass Release on: 28/05/2011 Explosive mix of drum'n'bass and electro, here comes new Brokenspud's lp, RawMaterials. Nothing new, because talking about Brokenspud is just normal to enhance the experience of this Sostanze Records' dj, who presents to the public with his masterpiece his efficient basslines, scratching and leit motiv between tracks. Notice the care devoted to intros, never trivial and...
Topics: Electro, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, dnb
Artist: FaNv Artwork: Luca Mascioli Title: Close In The Room Genre: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro Release on: 19/03/2011 The speakers begin to bleed. A jump in new dimensions of dubstep music for Sostanze Records's fans. The product of the artist FaNv is a time bomb due to the power of innovative, high-quality tracks. Put yourself in the future because the pulse rise and fall constantly, turning the club a new light, a genre that will warm your nights soon. A genre that FaNv already knows...
Topics: Drum and Bass, dnb, Dubstep, Electro, Free Release, Sostanze Records
Artist: Luke DoseArtwork: Luca AlbinoTitle: Requiescat in PartyGenre: electroRelease on: 10/12/2010 Do not worry you're not going to the cemetery, the party hasjust begun!The two tracks of Luke Dose will take you on a journey inside the church place of worship of electro!The first publication of this Sostanze Records artist will make you want to dance even in the world of the dead! Tracklist: 1. The Death 2. The PartyLinks:Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook
Topic: electro house, electro, sosep, sostanze records, flux
Artist: DJ D3VIL Title: Low End Frequencies Artwork: Luca Mascioli Genre: Dubstep Release on: 31/032011 LosAngeles. 00.00 am. High temperature in the club when Dj D3VIL takes possession of the checks. The release, Low End: Frequencies LP, exceeds the limits of Minimal with dubstep sounds that add depth to the tracks. Listening to feel the bass through the objects around us, as if the Californian artist shapes them around the field in his console. You will start to strip off while listening to...
Topics: Dubstep, Free Release, Sostanze Records
Artist: The 2000 Artwork:Luca Mascioli Title: Lonely Night Genre: Electro; Fidget Release on: 01 / 07 / 2011 The new release by Sostanze Records is in line with the warm summer is coming. For the first job with our label The2000 introduces 2 tracks electro for whom doesn't want to stop dancing some good music while the temperatures start to climb and, in the beach as in the best clubs, these traks don't detach the true lovers of the kind from the box. The2000 storm on the scene with a product...
Topics: Electro, Fidget
Sostanze Records
La neonata netlabel romana si presenta con una compilation curata dai producer della propria scuderia.
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Sostanze Records
Artist: Cooked Audio Artwork: Alessandro Marolda Title: U2 Genre: Electr0 Release on: 21/12/2012 Bass in the face. We interviewed the expert tenor Lousiano Paverotti about the new brand new record by Cooked Audio released by the indie net-label Sostanze Records. D - “Sir, what do you think about this dude who seems to come from the Berliner eletronic music scene?” A - “Well, let’s say that we can surely recognize a deep attitude in his style towards the Berliner approach. In the track...
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Artist: Tomz.db Title: Floatin Beats Artwork: Luca Mascioli Genre: Breaks; Breakbeat; Downtempo Release on: 13/05/2011 Tomz.db's music sensibility originates from an extended study of percussions. It's not easy to find in the underground scene a dj that can effectively mix them with the breakbeat contaminations still running through his veins.Floatin' beats is a conceptual work. The harmonious synth melody is the common thread that brings back to mind the 90's acid sound revised according to...
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Video Teaser Artist: Bebop Remixers: Push Fwd, Raw Zombiez Artwork: Ferdinando Tremamunno Title: Scuola Benassi Deluxxx Edition Genre: Electro Release on: 28/06/2013 Mastered by: Nfktd Description by Marco Stilo Chapeau. The 49th release by the net-label Sostanze Records pops out another high level production. The work by Bebop freezes the summer and confirms how the quality of this dude coming from the south can push soundsystems and burn any skepticism of who doesn’t believe is still...
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"This album is a try above all to make a proof of the beauty, the capacity and the strenght of the union of the free internet worlwide who is more than just a way of diffusion. This is a new way of human interraction, a new human behaviours, base on the fact that we believe than knowlegde and capacity of each single indivual must be give, must be shown, must be an active part of the rest humanity. We are the consequence, and we have to make an access to all the knowlegde, to raise...
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[SOSLP048] IlKobra - Kunst Macht FreiArtist: IlKobra Artwork: Gregorio Parlascino Photo: Gregorio Paone Title: Kunst Macht Frei Genre: Drama and Bass Mastering: Valerio Maina Release on: 24/05/2013 The art and the music. A music mades up of art. The musical art. Sostanze Records is proud to announce the return by IlKobra with the brand new release Kunst Macht Frei. Since by the title itself you can realize the will by the producer to stress the pureness of sounds, sending a clear message to who...
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𝄢♮Nowhere Fast - LouderArtist: Nowhere FastArtwork: Luca MascioliTitle: LouderGenre: Dream Pop; Chillwave; Ambient; Electronic; Released on: 02/07/2014Licence: BY-NC-SA Description (by Marco Stilo) [IT] Onde e sinergie. E se penso a spiagge danzanti e calde notti è perché non tolgo dal mio ipod l'esordio della misteriosa Nowhere Fast con il suo Louder EP prodotto da Sostanze Records. È un lavoro completo, da chi entra nella musica elettronica in punta di piedi, scoprendola e...
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Artist: Re:Set Remix by: Becko , Jelle Boon Artwork: Ferdinando Tremamunno Title: Resynthformation Genre: Electro / Glitch / Dubstep Mastering: Skie Studio Release on: 21/03/2014 [EN] Music is a mix of talent, background, attitude and wish to evolve. But it’s not enough. Something is always missing. That is to say that thing that in the 90’s Italian rap underground slang was called fotta and that now everyone labels as style. In few words, Re:set got it, as shown in this work. The release...
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[SOSEP0053] Fricat - Asinum Cum Asinum Buy the limited edition cassette hereArtist: FricatArtwork: Luca MascioliTitle: Asinum Cum Asinum Genre: Trap, Wonky, Abstract Hip Hop Mastered by: Mauro Di Giovanni - Monkey Studio Released on: 07/2014Supported by: Lorenzo_bitw (@butintheweekend), @railster, HLMNSRA (@hello_ra), @digigalessio, @grillo, @godblesscomputers • Lorenzo_bitw (@butintheweekend) : "tutto l'ep è piacevole, delphi e vexillo le tracce migliori secondo me"  • @grillo...
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Sostanze Records
by Sostanze Records
Artist: TootArtwork: KrayonMastering: Federico Coderoni (Cosecomuni Recording studio)Title: Error 404Genre:  Electro-Rock / RaveSpecial Thanks: Alessandro Sgreccia, Marco stilo, Maurizio StanzioneReleased on: 16/05/2015Description (Curated by Marco Stilo)[IT]Error 404Se il loro Ep di esordio ha già dato a questa electro rock band romana i palcoscenici delle migliori situazioni underground e non degli ultimi due anni,non oso immaginare dove i TOOT possano arrivare con Error 404. Il...
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Sostanze Records
Artist: LPR8Artwork: Michele GuidariniTitle: LeprottolandGenre: Electro  Released on: 01/11/2014 Special Thanks to : Francesca Paola Liborio says "Feel Free" in the first trackEmmanuel Jal acappella extracted from in the second track.Guitars by Yuma (Incomprensibile FC) in the fifth tracks featuring La Mattanza.Official pictures by Eleonora Pegorini.Description (Curated by Marco Stilo)[IT]Leprottoland nasce dall'esigenza di creare un disco ricco di coscienza e anima. Una...
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•Artists: @apesontapes @il-leprotto @sonic-belligeranza @fluxdj @alexis-storm @bxp Re:Set (@re-synth) @digitalbrain •Photo and Artwork: Luca Mascioli •Title: The 50th Release •Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Trap, Juke, Noise, Techno, Minimal •Released: January 2014 •Mastering: Andrea Merlini (IT) Professionisti in materia. Sostanze Records é lieta di presentare la 50esima release e come sempre capita nei lavori della net-label romana, non mancano i colpi di scena. La...
Sostanze Records
by Sostanze Records VV/AA
The newborn indipendent netlabel http://records.sostanze.itSOSTANZE RECORDS operating on the Roman underground scene, publish a compilation made by the artists of its stable. The compilation is a collection of work made by Sostanze Records ' Artistis such as: Rigga, Flux, Athio, Red|-_-|box, IlKobra and enclose two video looppacks [available on our website] made by its Vjs Dosojin and Bcomponente.
Sostanze Records
Artist: BebopArtwork: Ferdinando TremamunnoTitle: Cattivi Maestri EPGenre:  Hip Hop / Rap / BeatsReleased on: 01/12/2014Special Thanks to : FadaDescription (Curated by Marco Stilo)[IT]Senza musica la vita sarebbe un errore.Sostanze Records accompagna la maturazione definitiva del produttore Bebop che con il suo Cattivi Maestri EP dimostra come il suo stile già ormai conosciuto nell'underground italiano possa abbracciare anche generi diversi e artisti italiani della scena Rap come Fada...
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